The Viewpoints AI project was just invited to do a month long public installation in December 2013 as part of the ongoing Window Project at GSU.  Fantastic news!


EarSketch is partnering with Young Guru (engineer for Jay-Z) and Richard Devine (electronic musician and sound designer) to create audio loops and beats that will be bundled with EarSketch. This gives students access to creative, compelling musical building blocks in a variety of popular styles to use in creating music with EarSketch.

Our partnership with Young Guru was announced at the A3C Festival in Atlanta in October 2012 and has already resulted in a large sample library for our pending public release of the EarSketch learning environment. Full details are available in Georgia Tech’s press release.


Check out the Digital Media Wesley Center event this Monday, where we will be speaking and presenting our latest work on digital improv, EarSketch, and other projects:


Check out the new short demo video Chris has posted on Vimeo:


For those who are interested, here is the video for our submission to the 2011 Chicago Improv Festival.  This was sent in as a normal troupe submission and granted us entry to do a three day demo installation at ComedySportz in Belmont in April 2011.

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The EarSketch project, recently funded for $1mil by the NSF CE21 program, is the headline for the local announcements at Georgia Tech today.

Congrats to everyone involved on the beginning to a great project.

Here is a video shot of some prototype work of ours: EarSketch Prototype demo